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did you ever delete a file on ext3 and cried at the moon?

Don’t cry, There’s a solution for this! I accidentally deleted a very important file this morning, I lost one day of work on that script, I could not accept this loss. So here how I recovered the file, hoping it will be useful also for you: – first thing to do is to avoid any […]

small media initiative

Per conto di Autistici/Inventati il draft dell’intervento che terremo a londra il 6 ottobre. Sapevatelo. Grassroots movements in italy: when hacking and politics meet to produce independent information – A little background In Italy in the late nineties there was a niche of squatters who was interested in cyberpunk culture and since the BBS […]

my beloved tamburini


a non averci un cazzo daffare

qualcosa ci si inventa.

stay hungry, stay foolish

  ciao geniale bastardo e grazie di queste parole


notting hill carnival

Glen & Lloyd – Rudies Give Up

goodbye, so long.